I love that you are living a life that is worth freezing in time. You came here looking for someone to entrust these memories to, and I don't take that lightly! My approach is to give you bold and true-to-life images that feel timeless and candid. I want to give you photos that you will still love in 10 years and for many years to come. 

my approach


"Jordan knew how to get the best out of me and my horse"


I have pretty much been horse crazy from the very beginning and haven't looked back. So, while I do shoot non-horsey portraits...you'll see lots of unicorns sneaking in my portfolio! Most of my time is spent at the barn with my big paint gelding - Ben, who has taken up a big piece of my heart. When I'm not at the barn, my husband and I enjoy traveling, fishing, and spending time with our crazy lab doggo - T'challa. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2015, but I now call Tulsa, OK home.

Oh hi, I'm Jordan Jones.

It's simply--I LOVE capturing those special bonds! Whether it's your significant other, doggo, or special unicorn I love the challenge of showing off your unique relationship. I have become fascinated with images that tell a story. 

When I started this journey in 2021, all I wanted to do was capture the love between a girl and her horse. Now, I can seen that beautiful bond is happening all around me through friendships, relationships, families, and their pets. 

I'm 10000% obsessed with learning and do not see that changing anytime soon. I strive to grow and push myself as a photographer because YOU deserve the most incredible images to cherish past this lifetime. I want to create images that tell a story for generations to come. 

Why Photography?

- Kate w.

"Jordan will now forever be my “go to” for equine photography! She made the shoot so easy and fun!"


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